Crucifixion in Blue

Original egg tempera painting on board

This is an 8″x10″ small format painting of a blue satin cloth hung on a wall by two nails.  The nails are similar to the nails used to nail Jesus to the cross.  It depicts the solitude, pain and suffering of the crucifixion but also has an uplifting and meditative feeling.

The blue satin cloth reflects a light glow on the wall behind it.    

The painting is very detailed using many small delicate brush strokes to show every fold and crease of the cloth.  The satin cloth seems to radiate light from within.  

The painting is mounted in an Ampersand Floater Frame with empty space around all of the edges of the painting.  The painting is signed on the back and the frame is wired on the back and ready to frame.

This painting comes mounted in a 9"x11" floater frame with a 1/4" face and 7/8" depth.